Free vs. Paid Initial Consultations

Many new clients ask if we provide a free initial consultation.  The answer is YES (for the most part).  We will always gladly provide a free initial meeting for a prospective client that wants to meet us and learn more about the services we might be able to provide to them.  Likewise, annual consultations for new and returning tax clients are included in our flat-fee arrangements, and there is no additional charge for an in-person or virtual meeting.

However, often we have new clients that want a consultation where they can get some real tax advice.  This is common for a newly self-employed individual who wants the run-down on how to face the tax complications associated with running their own business.  We also advise many clients who are either leaving the US to live abroad (expats) or foreign nationals newly relocated to the US who want a summary of the unique tax concerns facing them.  In these instances, we charge a consultation fee of $200.  This frees us up to pack in all of the advice we can give you in an hour-long consultation.  If that hour is all you need from us, great!  If you decide to hire us for additional work, we will credit your consultation fee back to you on your first invoice within 12 months of the consultation date (applies to new clients only).

Consultation fees are payable at or prior to your consultation and can be paid by check or credit card.  If you have any questions about a free or paid consultation, please contact our office.