A Holistic Approach to Meet all of your Needs

At Lanphier, we think it is critical to take a “holistic” approach to our business clients’ tax, accounting, & advisory concerns.  Many firms simply want the tax work or simply want the accounting work.  We have found that without a cohesive approach for dealing with both of these items together, it is hard for either of them to ultimately be correct.  Furthermore, without a solid strategic plan guiding these two functions, it is almost certain that opportunities for creating an optimal tax outcome will be missed.

We believe that a tax return should simply be the final product of a carefully planned tax year.  Furthermore, that return is only as good as the information used to prepare it.  Therefore, we actually require (or very strongly recommend) that we get a chance to review your QuickBooks file (or other accounting data) at least twice a year.  Most of our clients are relieved to have us do this, as many small business owners prepare their books themselves and have questions about items that arise during the year.  It gives them peace of mind that we will poke around under the hood and discuss these items prior to preparing their return.

Many of our clients choose to have us review their books more frequently than once a year, which we are happy to do.  We offer a full range of accounting and bookkeeping services, which you can read more about throughout our website.