Leading with Advisory Services for a More Holistic Approach

“My tax guy seems great, but all I can get is a tax return.  I can’t get answers to any of my questions, there is no proactive planning, and I am not confident I am doing everything I can to optimize my tax situation.”  Sound familiar?  We hear this story from almost every single prospective client that walks through our doors.  Many small CPA firms focus almost exclusively on tax preparation and are so overwhelmed with volume that they lack the bandwidth or process to offer more than this, leaving their clients feeling frustrated and underserved.

At Lanphier LLP, we have spent years refining and growing our tax advisory processes.  In fact, we consider tax planning and strategic services our main focus as a firm.  All of our more “typical” CPA firm services, including tax preparation and bookkeeping, are simply a piece of that process.  We say “the tax return should just be the end product of a year well-planned.”

Whether you are a business owner or individual, our advisory services will educate and empower you as you navigate the world of taxes.  We have performed these services for clients all across the knowledge spectrum – from brand new entrepreneurs to seasoned investors – and are confident in our ability to deliver tangible, actionable value for all clients through our processes.

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