At Lanphier LLP, our primary emphasis is on supporting long-term client relationships through strategic and proactive tax planning.  We feel that good tax planning should accomplish 3 goals:

  • Maximize Tax Efficiency – We want to help our clients minimize their tax liability as much as possible within all viable provisions in the tax code. 
  • Mitigate Taxpayer Risk – We want to ensure that all tax positions taken (on past or future returns) are sound and defensible, are properly documented in the event of an audit, and do not inordinately increase a client’s risk of being audited by the IRS.  
  • Enhance Clarity in Decision Making – We want to empower our clients to make everyday financial decisions with their businesses and families without feeling like taxes are a blindspot or a mystery. 

To accomplish this, we have developed two signature advisory service offerings:

  • Business Best Practices
  • Individual Tax Fundamentals

Within each offering, we have core planning topics that we feel are relevant and necessary to discuss with every client.  Beyond the basics, we offer additional specialty content for more advanced or specialized tax planning needs.  Click the links below to learn more about these advisory services offerings. 

Our firm is nationally recognized as a leader in the innovation of advisory services for small businesses and individuals.  Through these processes, we are able to support our clients needs comprehensively and consistently. 

We look forward to discussing your unique needs with you and developing a plan to assist you.