Services that Add Value for your Business & Family

Our firm emphasizes strategically-focused, full-service relationships with our clients.  We feel that much is lacking in the traditional accounting firm business model.  Almost every new client that walks in our door has a story of frustration with a previous accountant relationship – poor communication, lack of continuity with firm staff, and failure to provide the level of ongoing and proactive advice that today’s taxpayers desire.  Our goal is to establish lasting relationships with our clients and to provide them with a very high level of service year-round.  We feel that billing by the clock is an outdated way to provide service and is not ultimately conducive to a free-flowing relationship. 

Therefore, we structure our relationships differently from most firms.  Our structure includes the following:

  • New Client Advisory ServicesWhen we onboard each new client, we conduct a robust and comprehensive initial planning engagement tailored to the needs and concerns of that client.  We use this process to position both the firm and the client for a productive and proactive ongoing relationship.  We charge a one-time onboarding fee for this process, an investment we know pays dividends many times over as we continue to work together. The fee depends on the scope of each client’s advisory needs, which we will determine in our initial consultation.  We encourage you to read more about this signature process that we offer on our website.
  • Maintenance Agreements:  We provide our ongoing services through annual maintenance agreements with our clients that cover the full scope of service they will need for our firm for that tax year.  This includes ongoing tax planning, preparation of their return(s) at the end of the year, and any accounting support they may need for their business (if applicable).  Maintenance agreements are priced as a flat annual cost and broken up as a monthly payment.  This makes it easy for you to anticipate and plan this cost as a client and allows us to know that we have been engaged as your advisor and have clarity on what we are accountable to deliver for you.  These agreements are renewed annually.

Over the years, we have found this structure to be extraordinarily successful, fostering a standardized and predictable structure to our client relationships that fosters consistency and confidence.  Because of the nature of our services and the way that we work with our clients throughout the year, we do not engage with clients that are not interested in this structure.

This business model places us at the forefront of the industry among the more progressive accounting firms.  We believe our fee structure and pricing is an exceptional value to our clients and extremely reasonable based on the scope of service that we provide.  However, please keep in mind that if you have previously simply been paying for a tax return, the fees may not be comparable to what you are accustomed.  Ask yourself what the potential cost is to not have a proactive strategic partner in this space over the long-term.  We believe this kind of relationship adds value for both businesses and families, and we look forward to showing you how!

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