Sophisticated Services at a Manageable Cost

As a small firm, we are proud to be able to offer very sophisticated services at a cost that is manageable for small businesses and individual taxpayers.  While our fees vary based on the type of work we are doing, we can share a little about our pricing structure to give you an idea of what to expect.

We feel that much is lacking in the traditional accounting firm business model.  Almost every new client that walks in our door has a story of frustration with a previous accountant relationship – poor communication, lack of continuity with firm staff, and failure to provide the level of ongoing and proactive advice that today’s taxpayers desire. 

Our goal is to establish lasting relationships with our clients and to provide them with this high level of service year-round.  We feel that billing by the clock is a dated way to provide service and is not ultimately conducive to a free-flowing relationship.  Therefore, we quote all of our services on a flat-fee basis for the coming year, and we break that fee up as a manageable and predictable monthly payment. If additional consulting projects or needs arise (that are outside of the scope of our normal tax and accounting maintenance work), we will also quote this on a flat fee basis as well.

This business model places us at the forefront of the industry among the more progressive accounting firms.  We strongly believe that this is a better way to provide professional services – less about the time clock and more about the value we can transmit to our clients through our relationships.