A Trusted Referral Partner to Complement Your Practice

One thing we are particularly proud of at Lanphier LLP is the relationships we have developed with other firms and solo CPAs in the local and international community.  We are proud to be a referral partner for firms both bigger and smaller than us, working together to provide the best services possible to our clients.

We have developed valuable relationships with several of the largest accounting firms in Denver.  These firms often see clients that they know are not a good fit for them.  They realize that clients and projects of a certain scale just don’t make for profitable relationships over the long-term for either party.  We are happy to give these firms the peace of mind that they have a referral partner with the technical expertise and the appropriate scale to serve these clients.

We also have valuable relationships with other small firms and solo CPAs.  Our unique specialty in international tax makes us a great referral partner for other practitioners that don’t practice in this area.

Most importantly, we are extremely respectful of our referral partners.  We know there is enough work to go around for everyone, and we simply seek opportunities to leverage our unique strengths to the benefit of our clients and partners.

Contact our firm today to learn more about how we can be a valuable resource to your CPA firm.

What a great resource to have the Lanphiers’ international tax expertise to help me get it right for my clients and give me peace of mind.  A huge “thank you” to Brittany and Dennis for helping me deliver outstanding service to my clients and for your willingness to work “round the clock” to make it happen.

~ Rob Eggett, CPA