Using Relationships to Provide Better Service

Many traditional accounting firms function like a giant game of “Telephone”.  The client talks to a partner who tells it to a manager who tells it to a staff…you get the idea!  Ultimately, the person doing the work on the tax return is pretty far removed from the client and doesn’t really know “their story.”

At Lanphier, we try to foster relationships between our clients and the entire team that is serving them.  Each client is assigned (at least) one partner and one manager, providing no less than two points of contact within the firm.  In most cases, the same person that works on your books will be preparing your tax return.   The same person that is meeting with you and talking to you on the phone will be the same person reviewing your tax return.  This helps give you peace of mind that we don’t just see you on paper, we really know you!  This helps us ensure that we are hearing all of your concerns, meeting your personal needs, and delivering a complete and accurate return when all is said and done.