Using Relationships to Provide Better Service

Most CPA firms have a strong emphasis on tax preparation and compliance services.  While this is undoubtedly an important area, we hear from prospective clients over and over that they need more than just a tax return.  They need a strategic partner that will support them as they make every day business and personal financial decisions, helping them incorporate the impact of taxes into that picture.  This is why we at Lanphier LLP place an emphasis on advisory first, so that we can be positioned more proactively and dynamically as we move forward in our relationship. 

When we start working with a new client, we spend time with each of them on the front end through our nationally-recognized New Client Advisory Services.  We want to get to know you, your goals, priorities, and preferences, so that we can make tax planning recommendations that are aligned with your unique situation.  We also want to create space for you to ask all of your questions, so that you feel confident in your ability to take action in this area.  We use these planning sessions to create an initial tax plan for your business and family that we can use as a roadmap as we move forward from year to year.

From there, we work with our clients through ongoing Maintenance Agreements.  These are annual flat fee agreements (paid monthly) that cover the full scope of your needs for each tax year – ongoing tax, accounting, and advisory/planning services.  Through these agreements, we are able to provide you ongoing support throughout the year (not just during tax season). 

Whether your situation is relatively simple or very complex, our firm tends to be the best fit for clients that are looking for this type of full-service, planning-focused relationship.  We do not offer “one-off” tax preparation services (that are not part of an ongoing relationship) or maintenance agreements that only include tax compliance or bookkeeping services (without any planning).

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