Bookkeeping Services tailored to your Needs

Accurate accounting records are the foundation of any businesses.  These records give you access to information about your business, help you make critical decisions, and are used for timely and strategic tax planning.

For the non-accountant, bookkeeping can feel like both a challenge and a nuisance.  However, we believe good bookkeeping should empower your business and ultimately lead you to greater profitability overall.

At Lanphier, we provide full-service bookkeeping services, and we will tailor our service package around your particular needs.  Some clients just want us to update their books periodically so they can see how they are doing.  Other clients use us as their full back-office solution for accounting – we send their invoices, cut their checks, process their payroll, etc.  Whatever your needs, we look forward to finding a solution that works best for your business.

Most importantly, we approach your books with a sophisticated understanding of the “big picture”, including financial reporting, tax compliance, and strategic planning.  By having us involved in the books from start to finish, we are better able to prevent issues and ensure proper reporting no matter your needs.

Contact our firm today to discuss your accounting needs and how we can assist you.