No one likes to be the small fish in a big pond

We LOVE small businesses and have worked with many over the years.  Therefore, we know this to be true: small business does NOT mean simple!  Today more than ever, small businesses are entering complex markets and encountering unique tax and accounting challenges that require expert advice.

Often a small business owner with sophisticated needs finds him or herself in a challenging spot when it comes to tax advice.  Their needs exceed the specialties of many small, local firms; however, they find they aren’t a good fit for the big firms either.  No one likes to be the small fish in the pond, and they are often frustrated by big bills and lack of personalized attention.  Well, Lanphier LLP is the happy middle ground you have been looking for!  In fact, we are a preferred referral partner for several large firms who eagerly send us clients that they know don’t fit their scale but need specialized advice.

We know that small business owners want and need guidance. You don’t have a tax director or CFO in-house, so you rely on your professional advisors to help you “know what you don’t know”. Through our signature small business advisory services and holistic approach throughout the year, we will help you feel confident and empowered in this often-intimidating area, supporting you as you achieve your business goals.

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