Over the last decade, international tax has become one of the fastest growing areas of concern for taxpayers and the IRS alike.  The digital age has made our planet seemingly smaller, and opportunities to invest and start businesses in foreign markets are more available than ever.  As cross-border commerce has increased, the IRS has issued new regulations which make compliance extremely daunting and mistakes very costly.

International tax and foreign asset reporting provisions are some of the most complex areas of the Internal Revenue Code.  We are proud to be one of the only small accounting firms in Colorado to specialize in this unique and developing area.  We bring big-firm expertise to small businesses and individuals through tax compliance, planning, and representation in IRS disputes.

We partner with many accounting firms in the Denver metro area in assisting international tax clients.  Many big firms refer smaller clients to us, knowing that their size and our fee structure are a better fit for that client.  Many small firms refer to us when they feel an international tax matter is outside their specialty area or presents too great a liability risk.

Any business with international tax concerns may also have international bookkeeping concerns.  We provide bookkeeping to many international businesses who have complex reporting needs, multiple currencies, and other unique considerations as a result of their operations overseas.