Taking the Headache Out of 1099 Preparation

For many businesses, the preparation of their annual information reporting to the IRS, including 1099 forms, can be a time-consuming process.  At Lanphier LLP, we prepare and issue thousands of these forms each January.  We have processes and software in place that allow us to do this efficiently and cost-effectively.  If you find that 1099 preparation is causing you stress each year, allow us to handle this for you.

For our clients that are in our full-service flat fee annual agreements, our services include review of your vendor list, identification of missing information, compiling W-9 information from your vendors, preparing the forms, mailing them to your contractors, and e-filing with IRS and state authorities.  We do it all and make it look easy.

Contact our firm today to discuss your 1099 preparation needs and how we can assist you.