Demystifying Your Taxes and Helping You Plan for the Future

Taxes impact every single American, yet somehow almost no one understands the fundamentals of how the system works.  You may see news reports about secretaries paying more in taxes than billionaires.  How can that be?  You likely have a sense that there is a game to be played here, but no one has ever explained the rules to you.  It is easy to wonder if you are missing out on something obvious or drastically overpaying what you need to.

Our nationally-recognized Individual Tax Fundamentals advisory offerings are intended to relieve these concerns, helping you feel equipped with an understanding of how the tax needle can actually be moved in your favor.  We will use this process to identify tax strategies that are aligned with your personal financial goals, priorities, and preferences, so that we can make ongoing recommendations to you about how to improve your tax situation.

We provide all of our new clients with personalized consulting sessions with our tax professionals to guide them in these critical questions:

  • How is my tax calculated? 
  • What is my effective vs. marginal tax rate?
  • Where do I have leverage to impact my effective tax rate?
  • How can I use tax-privileged accounts to impact my tax efficiency?
  • What personal deductions and credits am I eligible for and am I maximizing them?
  • How can I increase the tax efficiency of my charitable giving?
  • How can I better prepare for tax season to make it easier and feel more prepared for what I will owe?
  • And many more!

In addition to these fundamental topics, we offer specialty tracks that can be paired for more specialized tax situations:

  • Real Estate Investing & Rental Property Operations
  • Employee Stock Compensation (Stock Options, Restricted Stock, etc.)
  • US Expat Tax Planning (for Americans living or planning a move abroad)
  • New US Tax Resident (for non-US individuals that have moved or are planning a move to the US)

Our specialty tracks provide additional sessions to discuss these important areas of tax planning and ensure tax optimization where applicable.

We have found that our Individual Tax Fundamentals advisory offerings provide invaluable advice to our clients and empower them to move forward in their lives and in their relationship with our firm to ensure their best tax outcomes.  Whether you feel highly knowledgeable or totally in the dark when it comes to taxes, we are confident you will see tremendous value in partnering with our firm through this process.

Contact our firm today for more information on our Individual Tax Fundamentals advisory offerings.