Creating efficiencies and saving costs for your mid-sized business

We are uniquely equipped to assist mid-sized businesses with their accounting and tax needs.   These businesses typically have their own in-house finance team plus a CFO and (possibly) a Tax Director.  Lanphier can play a valuable role in supporting these functions and offloading work that puts an unnecessary drain on company resources.

We take on a variety of roles with our mid-sized business clients.  For some of these clients, we are their all-around tax and accounting solution.  We prepare their annual tax returns, assist in maintaining and reviewing their accounting systems, and act as an ongoing advisor throughout the year.  We love having the ability to make these clients a priority and tailor our services to meet their needs and goals.

Other mid-sized clients have developed a positive relationship with a larger firm, and they look to us to “fill in the gaps” with services their other firm either doesn’t provide or is too expensive to engage.  For instance, they may have a big firm prepare the annual business tax return, but they have us to prepare the owners’ individual tax returns.  Alternatively, they may have another firm that performs their annual financial statement audit, and they use us as a support for their internal accounting teams, helping to prepare and ensure that audits progress smoothly and efficiently each year.   Whatever the situation, we are happy to tailor our services to meet our clients’ needs and work collaboratively with a company’s entire team of advisors.

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