When you think of your ideal CPA relationship, are you looking for a “historian”?  Someone who can simply tell you what happened in the past and direct you where to mail your tax check?  Or are you looking for a strategic advisor–someone who can assist you in structuring, planning, and understanding the “big picture”, so that you can feel confident about the road ahead? 

In today’s tax environment, there are incredible opportunities for tax savings for those who plan wisely and proactively.  At Lanphier LLP, our ideal client relationship is one that allows us to combine strategic planning and advisory services with the more typical CPA firm functions like tax return preparation and bookkeeping. 

Whether you are a new or seasoned entrepreneur, a high net-worth individual, or someone with international tax concerns, we are proud to offer a wide range of advisory services that add tremendous value for our clients.  We have provided brief descriptions of some (but not all!) of our core planning capabilities in the links below.

We look forward to discussing your unique needs with you and developing a plan to assist you.