Taking the Guesswork out of Estimated Taxes

One of the most stressful things for small business owners to manage is their obligation to make estimated tax payments.  What are you obligated to pay?  What are the penalties if you miss a quarterly payment?  Worse yet, even if you meet your obligations throughout the year, what kind of tax bill can you expect the following spring?

We work throughout the year with small business owners to help them stay on top of estimated taxes.  Often this involves consulting on the matter when we prepare their tax return in the spring and then revisiting in the fall (usually prior to the Q3 and Q4 payments) to make sure we are on track for the year.  We will prepare a detailed estimated tax calculation so that you can feel confident that there are no big surprises lurking around the corner at tax time.

We also help clients manage the tax implications of major changes or big transactions, such as selling a business or investment property.  Planning in advance can help you in structuring these transactions in the most tax efficient way possible and ensures that you know how much of the proceeds should be set aside for taxes.

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