Pennies on the Dollar...Maybe?

Everyone has seen the commercials – settle your tax debt for “pennies on the dollar!”  It is a bold promise, but what they are referencing does exist.  It is called an “Offer in Compromise”, and it is when the taxing authority (IRS or state) reduces your overall tax debt because they feel this maximizes their reasonable ability to collect.  The problem is that the qualifications for an OIC are fairly narrow and therefore this is not available to just anyone.

Unfortunately, some tax relief firms use the promise of an OIC in a predatory manner.  They collect a fee up front for filing the paperwork, regardless of whether the client even meets the qualifications.   This is ultimately denied by the IRS and wastes the client’s time and money.

At Lanphier, we will honestly advise you about your tax problems, telling you which solutions are available to you to resolve your problems.  Contact our firm today to discuss your tax debt and how we can assist you.