Exciting Times at Lanphier Accounting!

Exciting Times at Lanphier Accounting!

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December 5, 2012

It seems absolutely impossible that 2012 is coming to a close already.  I know it is cliche to say “Where has the year gone?”…but seriously, where has the year gone??   It was a great year for us – many milestones with Brooklyn and watching her continue to grow.  She amazes and surprises us with something new every single day.  She is literally the funniest person I know at this point, and it is so incredible to see her little personality develop day by day.

It has also been a wonderful year for our businesses, and we continue to be grateful for the continued growth of both our accounting and law practices.  Much thanks for everyone who has referred new clients to us and the continued loyalty of our existing client base.  We look forward to providing the same high-quality services to all of you in 2013!

With lots of growth comes the need for some support in the office.  We are thrilled to announce our first hire – Alison Franks – who will be joining us as an intern starting in January.  She is a top accounting student at the University of Colorado-Denver and I CANNOT WAIT for her to start.  She is going to be such a huge help to us as we enter busy season, and I hope many of you will get to meet her or at least email with her this spring.

I am feeling particularly inspired and re-energized this week, as I just returned from the Intuit Accountants’ Council in Mountain View, California.  Each year, Inuit (the makers of QuickBooks) select a small panel of accounting professionals to come to their Silicon Valley headquarters and provide feedback on their products for two days at a time.  I was honored to be selected, and I will make 3 more trips to California over the next two years during my term on the Council.

The experience surpassed all of my expectations.  I can say from first-hand observation that Intuit is a first-rate organization.  Their employees are enthusiastic from top to bottom, and they REALLY care about what we, the customers, have to say about their products.  It is not surprising why they are such an industry leader in the marketplace.

Additionally, the experience was a great opportunity for me to talk with other firms owners and accounting professionals and spend some time out of the office thinking about our practice, our systems, and our vision for the future.  I so often get so busy doing and doing the work in front of me that it was invaluable for me to step away for a few days to think about the big picture.   I could not be more excited for 2013 and beyond!

As we wrap up the year, Dennis and I would just like to wish each of you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  We can’t wait to see all of you this tax season!