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Things have settled down a bit at Lanphier Accounting, as we have adjusted to being a a family of three and have cooled off a bit from the tax season craziness.

Now that all the 2010 returns (should) have been filed or extended, we start receiving a lot of questions from taxpayers who have found themselves in a little hot water.  What should you do if you missed the deadline?  What options do you have if you have received a bill from the IRS and can’t afford to pay right now?   Worse yet, what if the IRS has notified you that your return was selected for an audit or has placed a lien on your assets?

In the past few years, the IRS has dramatically stepped up it’s attempts to enforce taxpayer compliance, which means the more businesses and individuals than ever are facing difficult and complicated tax issues.


In addition to being a partner with Lanphier Accounting, Dennis is a partner with Hampton Lanphier LLP, a law practice that specializes in helping taxpayers resolve their issues with the IRS.   HL can assist you with any of your federal or state tax issues from audit examinations to tax court litigation.   I (Brittany) operate as a tax consultant for HL with their tax controversy clients.   This allows us to provide our clients with both the tax and legal advice that is critical for successfully resolving their tax issues.

HL has just launched a new website –  This site provides more information about their legal services and is also the home of Dennis’ tax blog.   He regularly posts timely and relevant tax law updates, so I encourage you to take a look and follow him on either Facebook or Twitter!

In addition to Tax Controversy issues, HL also provides legal advice to small business and non-profits.  If you are starting a new business or making changes to an existing business, HL can provide the legal and tax advice you need to protect you and your organization.


If you have any legal needs that Hampton Lanphier LLP can assist you with, please contact their office at 303.927.6147 or

I will be back soon with a new tax post of my own!

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Brittany Lanphier | 05/12/2011

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