Our Special Tax Season Delivery!

Our Special Tax Season Delivery!

Hello everyone!

Well, we survived another tax season at Lanphier Accounting LLP!   We were thrilled to serve so many clients, old and new, this year.   It was an incredibly busy “busy season” for us, with Dennis and I working hard to turn all of those tax returns around as quickly as possible.

To add to the excitement, we didn’t know which deadline would catch us first – the IRS or the arrival of our little girl, who was due April 11th.   Thankfully, she obediently waited to be induced on the evening of April 15th, after the last of the returns had been signed, filed, and delivered.

Brooklyn Grace Lanphier was born on April 16th at 7:20 pm.  She is a beautiful, happy little girl, and she stole both of our hearts immediately.  We are adjusting to life as a family of three and enjoying a little bit of “down time” with her in the post-tax season lull.

Thank you for all of the warm wishes and congratulations from our clients and business contacts!




Brittany Lanphier | 04/27/2011

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